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05.12.23 09:02 PM By Dmitri Plotnikov

Streamlining Technical Data Capture in Telecom: A PowerApps, SharePoint and HubSpot Integration Case Study

In the world of telecom, making sure things work smoothly for our customers is super important. But it wasn’t easy for us. We had a hard time sorting out all the technical stuff needed to set up our customers. Our old way of doing things—writing everything down by hand and not connecting it well—caused problems not just with setting things up but also with how we took care of our customers. Even though we used HubSpot to manage things, we needed a better way to collect all the detailed information about the devices, servers, and licenses.

The Problems We Faced:

We had lots of issues to fix. First, we needed a way to gather all the complicated technical details accurately and put them into HubSpot smoothly. We also wanted to do setups faster and with fewer mistakes. Solving these problems meant we had to make a system that could handle all the detailed tech stuff well, sync data quickly with HubSpot, and make it easy for our technicians to use without losing any important information.

Our Plan: 

To fix these problems, we made a smart plan. We created a special system using PowerApps just for gathering technical info from customers. We also connected it with SharePoint to keep the data safe and made sure everything worked well with HubSpot. We set up automatic processes using Power Automate to do things quicker and with fewer mistakes. We taught our team exactly how important it is to get all the details right.

The Awesome Results: 

Our plan worked wonders! We managed to cut the time it takes to collect and process tech data by half—making our setup projects way more efficient. We got an incredible 95% accuracy in collecting tech information, way higher than what others usually get. Our customers now get set up 40% faster, making them a lot happier. Plus, we reduced mistakes when typing information by 60%, making our whole data system a lot smoother.


Getting technical details right is key for telecom companies like us to make sure our customers get the best service. Our way of using PowerApps, SharePoint, and HubSpot has changed how we handle technical stuff for the better. Our success story shows how this kind of system can really work.

Let’s talk about how we can make these solutions work for your business too. Get in touch, and together, we can make your operations smoother and keep your customers happier.