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Welcome to E-Pay, the innovative solution revolutionizing billing operations for businesses across industries. In a landscape where outdated systems hinder efficiency and accuracy, E-Pay emerges as the beacon of modernization, providing seamless integration with leading platforms like Rev.io and PowerApps.


A telecom company faced daunting challenges with its outdated billing system, causing inaccuracies and dissatisfaction. Seeking a technological upgrade, they integrated with Rev.io using REST API to enhance billing operations.

The Challenge

Outmoded Billing System: The existing system was unsupported and inefficient, leading to billing inaccuracies and customer dissatisfaction.

Data Synchronization and Accuracy: Needed a reliable way to synchronize service usage data with billing, ensuring real-time accuracy.

Reducing Operational Overheads: Aimed to minimize the high costs associated with the manual and inefficient billing process.

Technical Hurdles

REST API Integration with Rev.io: Developing a robust interface between the telecom services and Rev.io’s billing system using the REST API.

Automated and Reliable Data Transfer: Implementing an automated system for accurate and timely data exchange.

User-Friendly Interface Amidst Technical Complexity: Balancing the technical sophistication required for API integration with an easy-to-use interface for employees.


    PowerApps with REST API Integration: Crafted a PowerApps solution that integrates seamlessly with Rev.io’s platform using the REST API, ensuring dynamic data connectivity.

    Real-Time Data Sync and Automation: Utilized Power Automate to set up automated workflows for real-time data synchronization, reducing the lag in billing updates.

    Efficient Data Management: Enabled efficient data handling and validation mechanisms to improve billing accuracy.

    Training and Support: Conducted detailed training sessions, empowering employees to navigate the new system effectively.


      • Achieved a 95% reduction in billing data discrepancies, a significant improvement over the industry average of 70%.

      • Reduced the time spent on billing processes by 65%, boosting operational efficiency.

      • Enhanced customer satisfaction with more accurate billing was reflected in a 40% decrease in customer complaints.

      • Operational cost savings of approximately 30% are attributable to the reduction in manual efforts and increased process efficiency.

    Modernizing billing systems with Rev.io and PowerApps significantly boosts accuracy and satisfaction. Our solution showcases transformational technology for critical business processes. Let’s discuss how this approach can benefit your business.


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    Alexander Scott

    E-Pay transformed our billing operations, catapulting our efficiency and customer satisfaction. The integration with Rev.io was seamless, and the real-time data sync eliminated errors. We witnessed a staggering 95% reduction in billing discrepancies, saving valuable time and resources. Our customers noticed the improvement, evident in the 40% decrease in complaints. E-Pay isn't just a solution; it's a game-changer!

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