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    Streamlining Technical Data Capture in Telecom
    ​A PowerApps, SharePoint, and HubSpot Integration Case Study

    Our applications are crafted using Microsoft PowerApps, ensuring seamless integration and tailored functionality for any business need.

About App 

Introducing PSS Data Sheet, a game-changing app designed to streamline technical data capture in the telecom industry. Our solution addresses manual inefficiencies by capturing detailed technical info seamlessly—hardware specs, server data, and licenses—and integrating flawlessly with HubSpot CRM for cohesive customer management. With a customized PowerApps system, it leverages SharePoint for secure data storage, ensuring real-time integration with HubSpot CRM. Automated workflows via Power Automate reduce manual errors, cutting data processing time by 50% with a 95% accuracy rate. Field technician-friendly and precise, this app improves customer setup times by 40%, slashing manual entry errors by 60%. Tailored for telecom setups, let's collaborate to customize this comprehensive solution to elevate your business's efficiency and precision in technical data capture.


A telecom company sought to enhance its customer setup process, which included capturing detailed technical information such as hardware specifications, server data, and license information. Their existing process, disjointed and manual, led to inefficiencies in installations and customer relationship management. They used HubSpot as their CRM system but needed a more robust solution for capturing technical details.

The Challenge

Capturing Complex Technical Data: There is a need to accurately capture intricate technical details for customer setups.

Integration with HubSpot CRM: seamlessly syncing captured data with HubSpot for cohesive customer relationship management.

Improving Installation Efficiency: Reducing the time and errors associated with manual data entry to speed up service installations

Technical Hurdles

Custom Data Capture Solution: Developing a system capable of handling detailed technical data efficiently

Real-Time Data Syncing: Ensuring immediate synchronization of captured data with HubSpot CRM

User-Friendly Interface: Creating an accessible interface for field technicians without compromising data detail and accuracy


    Custom PowerApps Implementation: Developed a PowerApps solution tailored for capturing technical customer setup details, including hardware, servers, and licenses.

    Seamless Integration with SharePoint and HubSpot: Utilized SharePoint for secure data storage and integrated with HubSpot CRM to ensure real-time data availability and consistency.

    Automated Workflows via Power Automate: Established automated data capture and installation schedule processes, significantly reducing manual intervention.

    Realistic Training Programs: Conducted focused training sessions to ensure accurate and efficient system use, particularly emphasizing the importance of data precision.


      Reduced the time for technical data capture and processing by 50%, enhancing the efficiency of installation projects.

      Achieved a 95% accuracy rate in technical data capture, significantly higher than the industry average of 80%. 

      Customer setup times improved by 40%, leading to higher customer satisfaction scores.

      Streamlined the data management process, reducing manual data entry errors by 60%.

    Capturing technical details accurately is crucial for telecom companies to ensure efficient customer setups and service. Our integrated PowerApps, SharePoint, and HubSpot solutions offer a comprehensive approach to managing these details effectively. Let’s discuss how we can customize this solution for your business needs.


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    Candice Clark

    With the help of PasynSoft and their amazing products and services, we have completely transformed how we gather technical information for our telecom business. Their smart solution easily collects all the detailed data we need, connects smoothly with our systems like HubSpot CRM, and has cut down on errors we used to make while typing things in by hand. With their help, our work got faster by half the time, and we're now super accurate, making way fewer mistakes—thanks to their easy-to-use system, our team is more efficient than ever!

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