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Introducing an awesome app that boosts sales team productivity! Think about a telecom team bogged down by slow paperwork for contracts. This app steps in to make contract signings and approvals way faster. We joined PowerApps with DocuSign to make contracts digital and get them signed online in a flash. This app enhances how contracts are handled—making it quicker, safer, and following all the rules. It's super handy for fast-moving sales teams in telecom companies where fast deals and following rules are really important for doing well!


A telecom team of 20 sales managers was encumbered by slow, paper-based contract processes. To address this, they sought to integrate advanced e-signature capabilities into their workflow to expedite contract signings and approvals.

The Challenge

Manual Process Drawbacks: Managing approximately 500 contracts monthly, the team was mired in inefficiencies due to paper-based methods.

Time-Consuming Contract Approvals: A typical contract cycle lasts about ten days, delaying sales closures and impacting efficiency.

Document Security and Compliance: The physical handling of contracts posed risks to document security and regulatory compliance.

Technical Hurdles

Seamless Integration: Incorporating DocuSign's e-signature solution within their existing PowerApps framework.

User Adoption: Ensuring the sales team, with varying technical skills, could quickly adapt to the integrated system.

Maintaining Compliance: Adhering to digital signature laws and standards in the telecom industry


PowerApps and DocuSign Integration: Customized a PowerApps platform to integrate seamlessly with DocuSign, enabling digital contract management and e-signatures.

Automated Workflows via Power Automate: Leveraged Power Automate to streamline document circulation, thus reducing manual oversight and speeding up the approval process.

Secure Cloud Storage with Azure and Targeted Training for Sales Managers:

Utilized Azure Cloud to safely store digitally signed documents, ensuring data integrity and compliance. Conducted focused training sessions for the sales team to facilitate a smooth transition to the new digital process.


Contract processing time was reduced from 10 days to just two days, an 80% increase in efficiency.

The team achieved a 100% adoption rate of the new system within two weeks.

Errors and discrepancies in contract management decreased by 70%.

The company realized an estimated annual saving of $50,000 in operational costs and enhanced productivity.

    Integrating PowerApps with DocuSign revolutionizes contract management, making it faster, more secure, and more compliant. This transformation is especially impactful for sales teams in fast-paced environments. Let’s discuss tailoring a similar solution to streamline your sales processes.


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    Simone Connor 


    Pasynsoft LLC revolutionized our telecom sales team's efficiency by seamlessly integrating DocuSign's e-signature into our PowerApps. They streamlined contract processes, slashing processing time by 80%, achieving full user adoption in two weeks, and reducing errors by 70%. This collaboration saved us $50,000 annually while ensuring security and compliance. Their expertise in PowerApps and DocuSign is a game-changer for sales teams in fast-paced environments. Highly recommended for transformative solutions!

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